Thursday, February 12, 2009

Has Alleged Assault Put Brown's Career in a Sleeper Hold? By Gillateen

Brown's claim to fame has put his career in a sleeperhold because he's known as an innocent R&B/Pop singer. Conversely, his recent accused assault of comtemporary and girlfriend Rihanna has been anything but clean or innocent. Marissa Richardson, a columnist with the "B" newspaper in Baltimore, states "alleged assault of a woman may have devasting results because it unravels the wholesome image that fans know and love".

The genre of music that is currently generating the most albums sales is Pop. Light, happy, happy, dancehall records, that are easy for adults, teens, and kids to remember alike. It is in this realm of music that, Chris Brown reigns absolute singing the youth into a dancefilled frenzy. He is accredited for selling over 3 million albums over the span of his entire career.

No one knows for sure whether or not any accusations are true surrounding Chris Brown "assault" of Rihanna, but two facts are true. One of them is that he was a no show at the Grammys at which he was expected to perform and in the same night of his mysterious absence, he was being charged for an assault of a "woman". Richardson adds, "Wrigley has already pulled any advertisement associated with Brown, and a rep with the "Got Milk" campaign has said that their ads with Brown are also due to stop".

Hopefully, these accusations againist Brown aren't true as they could end his career prematurely. For years, music and sports fans have adored their idols in spite of some of them being drug addicts, misogynist, arrogant, and just downright weird. Only time will tell if Brown's career will last through his current predicament. It would have done Brown some justice, before he supposedly raised his hand to strike that "woman", whoever she was, to recollect on how Ike Turner's career plummeted after it was proven that he was beating his girlfriend and bandmate Tina Turner. Fans may like their stars to be egotistical, crazy, and arrogant but no one likes an abusive man.


  1. Hey travis, i posted a reply to your comment on my "different" blog, btw.

    But on this whole Chris Brown thing..the victim is known to be Rihanna. Her injuries were so bad she needed to see a doctor and will be needing plastic surgery in the future apparently. And I guess, Chris Brown grew up in an abusive home and witnessed his dad beat his mom on the daily, STILL no excuse, though.

    People like Jay-Z and Kanye are very upset, as they should be! No man has any excuse to lay their hands on any woman. And Chris Brown is even stupider to lay his hands on someone who's in the lime-light. His career is over before he even turns 20! Dude can't even drink legally, and he's over lol. But oh well, that's some bitchassness right there.

    But what's FUNNY to me is people like T.I. and Terrence Howard are saying "u know what we're all human, we make mistakes, he'll be aiight..they'll work it out" and fans are saying "oh well, we can't judge him, we don't know what happened or why he did it" and it's funny because they're only saying that cause its a lightskinnded, young, pop singing, good dancing ass chris brown. but i'm willin to bet money that if it were any other dark skinnded gangster ass rapper that did the same shit, people wouldn't give a fuck, they'd say he's a "guilty ass nigger send his ass to jail!!" no questions asked, and hip hop would be even MORE frowned upon than it already is. lol @ the double standard in america.

  2. wow i don't know what to say i just wanted to support you and this was very interesting since it's all over the media right now. The whole thing is a crazy situation but do i think chris brown will lose fans, honestly NO. I think the whole situation is just going to die off soon and eventually they will be back together. It's obvious they wanna be with each other and it's said that this isnt the first time they had a violent fight. So if it wasnt for that lady on the side line who called the police, they would have got away with this and would be together as we speak!