Friday, February 20, 2009

Notorious Movie comes up "B.I.G" in exposing the personal life of beloved rapper By: Gillateen

“Notorious” movie comes up “B.I.G.” in focusing the camera lens on the personal life, pitfalls, and triumphs of the world renowned Brooklyn rapper. Starting with his mysterious death then modest but rough beginnings, “Notorious” picks up with Christopher Wallace ( James Woodlard) a.k.a. “Biggie” as a young student in elementary school. He quickly came to the same realization that most young males do growing up in an impoverished area such as Brooklyn, New York that school may slowly lead to a glamorous life, but the world of drug dealing can give one a glamorous life quickly. So he starts to deal drugs which he uses as a means to fatten his pockets and manages to keep hidden from his mother until she receives a call from his high school saying that he had missed a number of weeks. The argument that occurred as a result from that call, forces his mother Voletta Wallace played flawlessly by Angela Bassett to kick Biggie out of the house. From there, he gets even larger in the drug game, meets Puffy (Derek Luke), and Lil Kim (Naturi Naughton) and is introduced to the dream of becoming a rap icon. He and his partner eventually get caught by the police for gun possession. Biggie’s friend takes the charge as a gun possession would end his career early.

In addition, “Notorious” dispels all myths surrounding the relationship between Biggie and his contemporary Tupac Shakur (Anthony Mackie). The film shows a time before the media blew escalated the “East/West Coast Conflict” out of proportion when Tupac and Biggie were friends and honored each others’ craft. In the midst of Biggie making relationships that would later define his life, Puffy proposes to make Biggie a major artist by making a duel project with Biggie and fellow artist Craig Mack to label owner Clyde Davis. Thus, Puffy gets Biggie a major deal making “Bad Boy” (Puffy’s label) public beginning Biggie’s amazing but short career. Biggie eventually then meets Faith Evans (Antonique Smith) and falls in love.

In the end, the Notorius movie highlights the personal life of Biggie and wins crowds. The overall theme it seems was to honor the memory of the great Brooklyn emcee. Movie critic Jamal Anderson states, “the B.I.G. is not out to prove anything to anybody but to lay the name of Biggie to rest and it does exactly that. It shows how he corrected all mistakes made in his major relationships, and in the end made a change for the better to become a father and role model". This film does fall short of displaying the lyrical prowess that impressed crowds and gained so many fans. If one were not familiar with Biggie’s music, he wouldn’t know what made him unique and such an influential as an artist. One could almost mentally take the face of Biggie off of his body in the movie and replace it with the face of any other rapper who had a “street to fame story”.

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