Saturday, February 14, 2009

The World Loses Gillateen

In no way, shape, or form am I claiming this idea to be my own. I'm sure that many people have heard this concept on destiny prior to reading this, but as a writer, I will always have a different viewpoint. The difference in my view is that I use a metaphor and different examples to explain my point.

Initially, when analyzing the human body, one can conclude that each part in the human body was created to fufill a specific purpose. For example, the heart pumps blood through the body, the brain controls body activity and so forth. If one of these parts fails to operate, this could result in sickness, hospitalization, or death. Moreover, one could also argue that the human race is exactly like the human body. Every person was created to fufill a specific purpose or destiny. If a person dies without fulfilling his or her destiny then, the world gets sick, cheated, and loses.

Furthermore, lets use Pres. Obama as an example. Of course it's important that he's the "First Black President", but what's more important is the ideal he represents "The American Dream". "The ideal that anyone can be what they were designed to be if they are willing to fight for it". Now imagine if Obama allowed fear, jealousy, and self-doubt to prevent him from becoming who he was destined to be. The world would have gotten sick and lost a shiny example of that "American Dream". What if Michael Jordan stopped playing basketball after college and became a dentist? Not to say that being a dentist isn't an important profession; stop and think about how many kids that MJ has inspired. Think about how many young men and women have left crime and drug infested neigborhoods to go to college and follow his example. Malcolm X had a great quote speaking on the lost talent among his peers during his time on the streets of Harlem. "Some of my friends could have been doctors, lawyers, and some could have cured cancer. West Indian Archie (Malcolm's old street mentor) was a mathmatical genius, but they all were victims of the American social order (pressures of a Jim Crow ruled America).

Overall, what's important is that we as humans strive to be our absolute best regardless of circumstances and adversity. It's vital that we as humans use our talents for the greater good and for the benefit of the entire human race.


  1. Very inspiring. Makes me wanna go out & make something better of myself.

  2. it makes me want to crack open my textbooks.sigh.

    thanks you got me and stacy moving now!

  3. Thanks for the postive comments Stacey and Jaleesa.

    I really appreciate it.

  4. The post was really encouraging and inspirational. Thank you...

  5. Just would like to say that this is so true. I step back and ask myself...Am I fulfilling what
    is planned of me?? How would my life be changed if I didn't have hero's? This article makes me ponder.....The last 3 years of my life have been pure hell...alot of ups and downs...basically sitting side-ways for real for real. I have almost gave up so many times but I always ask this it for me?? It can't be...Life has to have more planned for Joe....You know this very moment I just realized that I have not even scratch the surface of my potential. I have kids>>boys at that. And they will become men, as a dad I have to have hope....Trav you the shit..I am so proud of you...This article has let me know again that I can get thru..I can weather the storm...I mentally know this but it is tough day to day going thru the motions...Well I guess its time to do what I do. I dream big and its time to get it. Thanks for the article.....hope it hits the next man the way it hit me...Be easy

  6. I tried to post earlier...but it didn't show up.
    Powerful words spoken by a true scholar. Proud of you Lil' Bro'. Not only was this piece well written but it also made me reflect. I have only scratched the surface of my potential and the world better get ready for me. Thanks for the chance to ponder Travo. I needed that. Big ups to you. I gotz to keep on keeping on. Cya