Thursday, July 16, 2009

BET like other cable channels has chosen to use exploitive reality shows to gain higher ratings

BET, like other cable channels, has chosen to use exploitive and demeaning reality shows as a means to gain higher ratings. Moreover, the "Frankie & Neffie show" [a spin-off from Keyshia Cole's Show] shows that BET will stop at nothing to brainwash the minds of youth nationwide.
Initially BET airing the "Keyshia Cole Show" was an excellent idea. A show that would showcase Keyshia Cole's singing ability and show her daily hardships would give hope to anyone chasing and fulfilling and improbable dream. However, it was anything but that. It seemed that the camera followed around her mother [Frankie], Neffie [sister] and other family members the entire season, confusing viewers as to whose show they were watching. Frankie, a recovering drug addict, would often steal the spotlight from her daughter while dealing with drug addiction, uncontrollably cursing, displaying overt jealousy of Keyshia's adopted mother, and irresponsibly spending Keyshia's money. Thus, Frankie was morphing into a character reminicent of "New Jack City's" Pookie and embarrassing anyone who has become clean [quit use of drugs].

Furthermore, BET saw fit to give Frankie her own show to display her nonsense for 30 minutes at a time. I struggle to find the reasoning behind BET launching this show. One would assume that BET, standing for "Black Entertainment Televison", would air programs with subtance and depth to better occupy the time of African Americans. Moreover, the overall programming of BET only perpetuates the false sterotypes about African Americans shown throughout the media. One of it's only positive shows is "Harlem Heights", which shows a young group of African American college graduates trying to reach the American dream while dealing the pitfalls of everyday life.

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